My dad helped me play basketball.

November 6, 2008
By April Borrego, Dallas, TX

My dad inspired me by playing basketball. It was in the summer when my dad asked if I wanted to play basketball I told him yes because that was like my favorite sport in elementary school. My dad tought me a new thing about basketball everyday. But the more I learned the more I knew. I've gotten better like everyday because he would take me to go play with him and his friends so that's how I've gotten better too.
My dad and I played everyday but not when it rained. I've beaten my dad a couple of times other than i lost. When I was going to the 7th grade my dad told me to try out because he had faith that I would be good since I've been practicing.
Well mostly like my whole family did. So I waited till the tryouts came. My dad went to go and watch me. He knew it would be comfortable for me if he came to watch me because my dad knew I needed somebody there by my side.

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