My Big Bro

November 6, 2008
By Jose Casillas, Dallas, TX

My story is about a person who had a positive impact on me. I was in the fourth grade with only six weeks left before the end of the school year. I had solid grades, I did all my homework; I mean I was feeling good about passing to the next grade. So as I was doing work at home, I thought I could cruise the next couple of weeks, and I felt I still could pass. So I started to not to do any more work or homework that was given to me.
Over the next three weeks, I had done only four assignments out of ten. While at the same time my grade was going lower and lower. My teacher started asking me about what was going on and she warned me about my grades. Then one day, she sent me a failure notice to my house; when I found out, I was so scared that my mom would yell at me. When I got home, my mom asked me why I wasn't doing my work.
I only said, " I don't know". She kept telling me I need to bring it up or I will flunk. After that, my teacher said I had to go to tutoring but I didn't got, my mom then asked my older brother to help me. I was glad he helped because I really needed it.
With only two weeks of school left and one week before I had to take the TAKs test, my grade was still below a seventy. As my brother was tutoring me he kept saying, " If you don't understand tell me and I show you".
Along the past few days I started to understand, I knew how to do every subject except math. I felt math was the hardest subject to do.
On the day of the test, I was really nervous I was shaking, the teacher handed me the math TAKS and told everyone to begin. I had the whole day to finish, for almost half an hour I just sat there looking at the page. Until I remembered what my brother taught me, so I finish the test with only ten minutes left. Then a few days later I got the grade. My frade was a seventy-seven, the score on the test was an eighty-one, I went home and thanked my brother.

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