My dad's positive influence on me

November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

One person that has had a positive influence my whole life has been my dad. Not many people have encouraged me like him. When i was a kid,I experienced a couple of bad things,I was in a car crash,my family got robbed,and I got into fights with other kids for dumb reasons(I was a wild kid).
I got curious about my sorroundings and life,I was obsessed with anxiety. So my dad taught me anything that interested me. He told me inspirational quotes I have remembered to this day.He taught me how to fight in case I needed to defend myself.
My dad taught me not fear anything or anyone,so he told me to kill a spider I was afraid of at the time.I felt uncomfortable doing it,but then I killed it as if my life depended on it.I felt really proud of myself that I conquered my fear.So my dad made me realize that anything is possible even though when I think I can't do something.
My dad is and always will be a person I look up to. Few people have had a positive impact on me,he is the only person who really has. I feel I can take on anyone or anything that stands in my way. So when I was ten years old,I was in a public basketball tournament and the winner would win four tickets to a Dallas Maverick playoff game.
I was and still am a good basketball player,but there was one kid who was really good I thought I couldn't beat him(it was a one one contest and only kids age ten and under were eligable). He did amazing thins with ball I thought I could never do. Then I remebered this was the type of situations my dad taught me about. I use a lot of quotes to encourage me.
My dad told me it was better to be an original than an imitation.I realized I could beat him,I just needed physical and mental toughness. The first to score twenty points wins and each basket is worth two points. At first I was behind six points,but then I tried to defend the basket. Then I won by two points twenty to eighteen.
I was pretty anxious to go to the basketball game for a long time,and my hard work paid off thanks to my dad's life and work lessons. His quotes came to my mind everytime I was in doubt,without them I couldn't have done it. I even tell these inspirational quotes to other people. My dad's still continuing to have a positive influence on me.

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