Positive Impact

November 6, 2008
By hilda arrona, Dallas, TX

A couple of yeras ago, when I used to attend Thomas West Browne Middle School, I got bullied by a boy named Chris. He tried to steel my phone, which i had just gotten for my birthday,and it got me really mad. Eventhough I tried to hold on to my phone, he still managed to take it away. So I started swining infront of the whole auditorium.

As soon as he hit me, I got angrier and dropped him util the securities came running towards us and separeted us. We both got sent into the office, but i was cuffed up.
As the principal spoke to me, my uncle Jesse, who is my mother's youngest brother, came in. I got really nervous about what the principal would tell him. Jesse was surpized to know that i had gotten in a fight with a guy, but he understood that i just wanted my phone back. As I stared at him, he looked at me both dissapointed and impressed to know that i got suspended.
Then as we walked out of the school, he drove to the mall. We started to talk and he gave me some advice. He told me about informing an admimstrator or somebody near by instead of just going right ahead to land a lick. As i listened to what he had to say, he also told me about other fights and consequences, which made me want to listen to him and follow his advice. I learned about mayn other things that made me want to behaive more other than to want to go solve problems on my own or well better yet make them even bigger.

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