Service and Sacrifice by America's Veterans

November 3, 2008
Veterans: the unsung heroes of America. They have surmounted countless encounters with turmoil, chaos, and personal sacrifice for each and every one of us. And almost each and every day we take it for granted.

What does the word veteran mean? Is if just a term for a retired solider that went to war? Or is the words’ meaning deeper than that? My definition goes something like this: a determined person who fought for my freedom, a person who suffered through conditions I can’t begin to dream of, just for my rights. Of course this doesn’t just apply to me, but to everyone in America. But all this talk of freedom and heroes, what does it really mean? It means that every time I say what I think, I’m actually allowed to. It means that every time I stand up to vote, I have a right to. It also means that everything I do in life was fought over, just so that I could have the privilege of doing it.

But the fights that took place, that are taking place, for such thing are not just ‘normal’ yelling matches, these are ‘last man standing’ flat out battles. Several battles as a matter of fact, each excessive detail in our lives, were wars; brutal and cruel. With every victory, there is a price that we pay; the veterans that don’t come home.

These sacrifices matter to me, because my father has done just what I described. Gone to war, served his duty, and came home to continue serving other duties. Educating those he can about what really happens during war. He has fought the epic and immortal battle that we hear about every single day of our lives; the fight, the struggle, for peace.

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