My Hero and Why

October 23, 2008
Who is your hero, and why? This writing topic has plagued me since the days of recess and freeze tag. Who is my hero? What even is a hero? Everyone always had a rapid response: my mom, my dad, a grandparent, a celebrity, a political icon. However, no one ever stood out in my mind as an outstanding person to look up to and strive to be like. Do not get me wrong, I have met quite a few noteworthy people, but none of them stayed around long. I have met people who have inspired me, but what is inspiration if I cannot follow through. I have listened to more inspirational speakers than I can count on both of my hands. Although most of them made a huge impact on me, and in one case changed my life, they have come and gone before even knowing my name or story. I could and still cannot fathom how that is a hero.

After being on this Earth for a short seventeen years, I have made many goals and dreams to accomplish in the future. Some of these, such as being a famous singer, have floated away without a second glance. Yet others have stuck around for so long it has shocked even my parents. However, after wanting to be a neurosurgeon for about ten years, I still get “Are you sure you just don’t want to be a nurse”, or “That is a lot of schooling, are you sure you can handle it” from my family and peers. That is only one of my goals; so many others have been shot down before I could even let the thought fully ferment in my mind.

After having all these people who I had thought were my “heroes” shoot down my hopes and dreams, I realized who my true heroes were. They were the few people in my life that constantly remind me of my dreams and the fact that they are obtainable if I keep working. They were the people who stick around to not only be my inspiration, but to see me through until the end. They were the people that pick me up when others push me down with their doubt in me. They stand behind me no matter what and always believe that I can.

I have three people in my life who are that person to me. When I have thought about giving up, these people where there for me. When I got lost on life’s hard road, they were my compass. When everyone told me I was not smart enough or pretty enough, they told me to hold my head high. They are my true heroes, and though the whole world does not know their names or they did not give birth to me; they are my world and they give me life.

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