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My Hero

If i were asked to describe my hero
he wouldn't wear a cape
or tights
or a mask;
He would wear boots
and a bullet proof vest
with camouflauge pants and a jacket as his disguise

If i were asked to describe my hero
he wouldn't have any common super powers
like x-ray vision
or the ability to fly.
He would just have the unbelievable power to cheer me up again
or doing that funny voice
he used while i was crying when i was a little girl

If i were asked to describe my hero
there would be super car or gadget to help him,
just a plain, canvas colored humvee to match the desert sands,
and a rifle to protect the innocent

If i were asked to describe my hero
his secret lair would not be underground with the newest technology and sound proof walls and a catchy theme song,
it would be a small rectangular box in the middle of intense heat and bitter cold,
with the constant sound of popping and explosions as his theme music
If i were asked to describe my hero,
he would have more to him than what could be written down in a million and one comic books
or shown in thousands of movies or television shows.

My hero has a name and title,
not one the whole country is familiar with,
and not one that could be changed with the swipe of a cartoonist's pen,
but a name and title that will remain the same his entire life
my big brother
my hero

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