Magnanimous Mother of Mine

October 14, 2008
By Rhianna Taniguchi, Honolulu, HI

My mother's outlook on life is one that defines me, shapes others, and exemplifies what mercy and love really are. She always says, “Accidents happen.” She said this when I broke glass cups, when I knocked over a lamp, and even at two o'clock in the morning when my sister and I wet the bed as toddlers. She is my definition of magnanimous, although she probably doesn't know exactly what that means and would probably think it rather an insult than a compliment. Of course we all have our deficiencies, but hers are easily overlooked because of her endearing nature and dazzling personality. Her iridescent characteristics shine everywhere she goes and she gives whatever she has freely and earnestly. Some may say that she's illogical to act the way she does; of course I think that sometimes as well, but to be honest, it is her incomprehensible and absurd ways that make people instantly love her.

One day my mother was washing the bathtub. My older sister had asked my mother to hold a $500 jade bracelet from China that had recently been given to her by her grandmother. As my mother bent down into the bathtub, the expensive and exquisitely designed bracelet fell, breaking into two pieces; it was irreparable. My mother's shriek brought my sister and I into the bathroom immediately; we tacitly understood what had happened. And then my sister spoke, her words were soft and lacking animosity, “Accidents happen,” she had said as she smiled.

It has never been simply the words that have astonished me, but more the sincerity and affection accompanied by them. These two words that have filled my childhood, and even my adolescence, have shown me that mercy is undeserved, that love is patient, and that grace should be given without explanation. My mother has continuously shared these lessons and they have led others to find peace in battles, happiness in hardships, and light in darkness.

The author's comments:
My mother has gone beyond a mother's duty and has given me the world in the form of love and understanding. She's a single parent who has raised me and given me a private school education even though she doesn't make a lot of money. She's such a friendly person and is truly shown through this article.

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