When Did Mom Become a Hero?

October 7, 2008
Ever since my birth, she has looked out for me with her pleasant smile and warm love. She has encouraged me in victory, and eased the pain through hardships. She has taught me life lessons, and has prepared me for life. Who is she? A woman who gave her life for the well-being of her children, and sacrificed her precious time to struggle and toil, just to ensure that I would have a brighter and hardship-free future. She is my most beloved mother.

She assumed the role of a teacher, from teaching me simple words to complex morals and ethics. I look up to her as if she is the tree of knowledge, just waiting to teach me more about living life to the fullest. She kept me nestled in her throbbing heart full of love, and guided me through life as a mother duck would have done for her ducklings. I grew up knowing that she would always look out for the greater good in me. Even today, my aging mom has not change one bit. She is like a counselor, offering me help and advice in every way. She reiterates the importance of standardized test scores, and high school grade point averages. She encourages me to follow my dreams and always strive for the best. She is my most beloved mother.

I find my mother to be a source of great inspiration. She can be somewhat described as the brightest star in the moonless night sky, always standing out among the other mothers. To me, she is the most prominent and distinguished woman who has impacted my life in many ways. If I keep on describing the traits of my mother as a hero, this essay would never end. So, to conclude, she is my beloved mother.

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