Against the Odds

September 8, 2013
By , Mundelein, IL
“Count your blessings because things could be worse.” That is a common quote from my brother Jake. Jake is hardworking, funny, athletic, happy, determined, and has the greatest attitude. He is 23 years old, tall, has blue eyes, and blonde hair. Jake is the type of person that will not give up on something until he gets passed it. I know he has his struggles and that saddens me but nobody could cope with those problems better than he does. My brother is the strongest person I have ever met and will do anything to succeed and help others overcome all odds.

When you look at my brother, he looks like a normal man. Nobody would ever guess that he sustained a stroke in early infancy that injured a portion of his brain. He suffers from epilepsy and a learning disability because of that. Despite his learning disability, Jake always tried his very hardest in school and would do anything it took to understand the material that was given. He did this even while undergoing multiple medication changes, as his neurologist couldn’t find one that worked well enough for him. Some of the medications interfered with his ability to concentrate and even learn. After years of taking medicine that did not work correctly for him, he finally found the right medication that let him function normally while preventing most seizures. When my brother was about 15 or a few years older, he went through a deep depression from some changes in friends, life, and just constant sadness. Despite all of his struggles going on in his life, he still had a desire to push past and get through it like he does everything else. Counseling and finding a good group of friends that he is still close with to this day helped him a lot and he eventually overcame his depression.

One of Jake’s favorite sayings is “without my trials and hardships, I would never know the way that you (God) turn burdens into blessings with every passing day.” This describes Jake’s life perfectly. Over the years, he has always managed to look on the bright side when most people in the same situation would have fallen apart. I myself have fallen onto some rocky road during the past few years. Jake has been there for me unfailingly. He always knows just what to say to get me through the tough times, as I know he’s been there himself. He always says, “As long as you continue to use the gifts you were given and do your best, God will do the rest.” Sometimes when I’m feeling down or sorry for myself, I just think of that and all the obstacles Jake has overcome, and it gives me strength and perseverance to forge onward. Jake is currently a dedicated, hardworking college student and has maintained a B average throughout his college career owed to his constant determination. He has a heart of gold and is the most loyal friend a person could ask for. For example, one of my brother’s friends was at a party in an unfamiliar town and became lost. He was wandering around for quite awhile in the freezing cold when he called Jake. It was two o’clock in the morning, but Jake gladly jumped out of bed to rescue his friend. His friend’s phone died in the meantime so Jake had no way of knowing exactly where he was, but when he left the house he vowed he would not return until he found his friend. He is there for so many people all the time whenever they need help.

My brother has been through alot and overall it made him a stronger person. Jake can do just about anything he puts his mind to. He is the main reason I feel motivated to overcome challenges that normally would cause me to recoil and avoid. Jake is always looking out for me just as I am looking out for him and is my role model and my hero. I have learned from him to always count my blessings and look on the bright side, because life could always be worse.

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Brittany1996 said...
Sept. 11, 2013 at 12:06 am
your brother sounds like a great man! Great job explaining him and formatting your text!
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