A Soldier, A Friend, A Cousin...

September 6, 2013
My cousin, Pvt. Damian Velasquez, serves this country as a U.S Army Infantryman. He is focused, determined, proud, confident, independent, outgoing, and very funny. He is the one I look up to and the one who inspires me. He is my favorite member of my family. I make sure I make the most of every time I get to see him and am proud to have him as my cousin.

My cousin Damian is determined to do what he needs to do so that he will succeed in life. He joined the army because he knew that he wouldn’t be able to afford all four or more years of college. He is confident because he knows what he will need to get done and he will do it without a thought in his mind saying that he can’t. He is independent because he has had to look out for himself basically all of his life.

Damian is the complete opposite of shy. He is one of the most extroverted people you’ll ever meet because he just doesn’t care what people think. He knows that he is a great person because he’s no longer a boy, nor is he even a teen anymore, he is a man fighting for this country on the front lines of battle. Along with being very outgoing, he is also extremely funny, and can make you laugh just by laughing himself. He can make a joke out of basically anything and is a very fun person to be around. Also, he is proud because he knows he has accomplished so much in his life already that the average man can never do in their entire lifetime.

A lot of 15 year old boys say that the men they look up to is their father, or grandfather, or some random famous person, but the man I look up to is my cousin, Pvt. Damian Velasquez of the U.S. Army. He is only nineteen years old but is more of a man than just about any adult male in the United States of America.

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