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The American Dream

When you type the name Oleg Szymber into Google search, many results show up. This man started his life in Ukraine during world war two. What i remember of my grandfather is that he always wore plaid long sleeve shirts, like the kind lumberjacks wear, he also loved working with electronics such as model planes. Whenever me and my brother came over he would always give us cool little gadgets to play with, like compasses and watches. My grandpa never really said anything special, he prefered to act nicely and be a good role model rather than tell someone to do it. The thing that i remember most about my grandfather was his life story. Oleg Szymber is someone who overcomes bad life experiences and achieves his new found goals.

When My grandfather was growing up, it was hard because of the war. It was hard just to go to the store for food because there was always a fear of being killed. My grandfather lived with his brother, two sisters and parents. Living in the war was a very difficult task to do, People they knew could die instantly. One day my grandfather's younger brother was playing in the street when he stepped on a landmine, he died instantly. After this incident, my grandparents knew it was time to move to America because they had enough of the war and wanted to go to a safer place. their expectation was to start a new life and forget about the war.

Despite the fact that my grandfather didn’t have that good of a child hood, he still was able to accomplish a lot throughout his life. Oleg served in the Vietnam war. After the war, he denied an offer to become a member of the CIA. Oleg denied the offer because he would much rather start a family. This shows that Oleg was not a selfish person and really cared about others. He eventually started his own family, he married my grandmother and together they had three kids named Sandra, Susan, and Bill(Sandra is now my mother). When I knew my grandfather, he lived in Grayslake Il. He was the kind of guy that loved working with tools so he had his own company that produced tools. Throughout his life he had four of his designs patented, these design were all tools. As you can see, my grandfather was a very logical and intelligent person.

Before my grandfather died i did not know much about him and he was just a regular nice guy that made me smile. But as i got older i started to realize that he actually did have an impact on my life. Because of the way he made me laugh and all the cool electronics he showed me, he shaped my personality today. I realize that i am a lot like him in more ways than not. He has showed me that when i grow up i want to work as hard as he did in order to accomplish my goals for success.

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