September 5, 2013
By , Batesville, IN
My family has a lot of good friends. Everywhere we go, we seem to see someone we know. They are all really great people, but the nicest family friend we got is my dad’s best friend- Billy.

My aunt went to school with Billy that is how he and my dad met. My dad says he was just as nice as a kid as he is now. I’ve known Billy for as long as I can remember, and he does everything we asked him to. When he would come over, he would always help us talk my dad into playing a game of football with my brothers and I. Every day he would come down, he would bring us a larger pop from McDonalds even though we told him not to.

My parents are always talking about how nice he is. When he asks me to help him work, I always say I will as long as he doesn’t pay me. He tells me he won’t pay, but that is just an excuse to get me to help him. On the way to his house, it never fails, he always stops to buy me a whole box of snacks and pop, even though I tell him I brought my own. When I get to house and start working, every five minutes he asks me if I need a break. After I finish working and he gets in the car to take me home, he always takes out his wallet and tries to pay me. If I don’t take it, he puts it in the bag of snacks I bring. When I find the money in the bag and I tell him I don’t want it, he always says that isn’t enough, and tries to give me more money.

Usually, there is a time you see someone mad at least once, but not Billy. My dad always says that Billy would take his shirt off his back for us, meaning he would do anything for us. He

is always worried about others and never himself. One year for Mothers Day he bought his mom
a brand new car. Another year his brothers family was struggling with money issues, so Billy went out and bought him a house that he has already paid off. One day in the car he got a call from his cousin, his cousin was telling him how he sold his house and is waiting to buy another, and Billy said “ Kenny you can have mine if you need one”.

If someone is upset Billy always tries to fix it. If we have nothing to do Billy will make a game. He is always checking on other people and asking how they are. When my dirt bike is broke down he always says here I will order it, and I say I already did, but he still tries to give me money to pay for it. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone as nice and caring as he is. Everyone he knows idolizes him. I wish there was a way to repay him for all the nice things he has done. I wish there was more people on this earth like Billy.

I like how all the people who know Billy would say all the stuff is true about my narrative.

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