My Hero (Cool Person)

October 1, 2008
By Anonymous

My Hero is acctually someone you guys might know... His name is Jesus... God... Lord or whatever else you'd like to call Him. He has helped my family and other ALOT!!!
If you want to know how... well He's helped so many people when they are sick to heal. He just recently helped my preachers wife who hurt really bad to acctually be okay and be able to go to work. My dad once had mono and strep at the same time and no-one knew what he had, until finnally they checked for that. God helped him recover he is way better now.
He helped us to move back closer to where our church and some family are. comon He Made the universe and you and me... i have a paper on it if you don't believe me. just ask me to put it up if you would like to read it.
anyway Jesus is my Hero. He died for me if you didn't know... acctually He died for you. if you were the only person on earth He would die for you...

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