My Hero

September 24, 2008
By Claire Cooper, Jonesboro, AR

My grandpa is the most admirable person in my life. Throughout my life he has shown me what life is all about and how to achieve goals. I love when he tells me stories about his life, because it inspires me to do better. His story is pretty rough, but there’s always a lesson or a point to them. I can always learn something from listening to him speak.

When he was little all of his brothers and sisters were killed. He was the only child of his family and his dad made him work all day on his farm, in the blazing heat. His father didn’t really believe he could do anything with his life or even go to college. So his dad refused to pay for his college. Even though he had no support and no one to believe in him, he was determined to achieve his dream and prove his dad wrong. For four years he lived under some people’s house and worked for them in order to pay for college tuition. Finally he made it through college and became what his dad had completely put past him.

Today, he is seventy-two years old and still works his heart out. Even though he may not be able to work as much physically, he is tirelessly working to build up the kingdom of God, and I think that’s awesome. There’s no telling how many lives he has impacted due to his unconditional faith. I hope that someday I can be as accomplished and hard-working as him. I’m so grateful that God blessed me with such a loving family that helps me learn and grow everyday.

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