Our Mothers

September 17, 2008
By andrew williams, Fruita, CO

Have you ever needed someone but nobody was there for you, but then your mother comes in and you have that somebody you need? I look at my life and how I never would have done everything I have without my mother. She carried me through most of my elementary life and gave me a fighting chance in high school. I always have the question come up, “Who is your hero?” Well I never thought until now that my hero is truly my mother.

How many times a day do we thank our mothers for what she does? How often does she tell us that she has made our beds, put our cloths away, made us breakfast, lunch, and dinner, wash our cloths, and so much more? The most she tells about her day is that it was productive and that she is glad we are back from where ever we were. We share the phrase “I love you.” most every day but do we ever stop to think if we actually do? I offer a challenge to all readers. THANK YOUR MOM FOR EVERYTHING SHE DOES WHILE YOU ARE AWAY. At the very least she deserves that much from you on a daily basis. Where would we be without one?

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