Connor...The Everyday Angel

August 1, 2013
By Anonymous

When most look at him, they see an average, skinny, five foot eight boy. When they look at the top of his head, they see a baseball cap, usually JETS, but occasionally a Flyers cap to match his sweatshirt. When I look at him, I see an angel, and when I look at the top of his head, I see a halo glowing right above his baseball cap.

Before you get any ideas, I’m not talking about my boyfriend. In fact, I never would have gotten to know Connor had it not been for his girlfriend, my close friend. But I am talking about a close friend, one whom without them, I don’t know where I’d be.

Connor is one of those people that can bring light to every scenario, and is one of the kindest and most selfless people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. No matter what life throws at you, you can always count on him for consoling, advice, and a smile. There’s just something about his personality that will give you the ability to laugh when you never thought it was possible to feel joy again. He’s one of the few people that I can tell anything. Family problems, how I really did on my math test, what I’m scared of, everything. I’m not afraid or embarrassed to have him know anything about me and I know I can trust him with the most delicate of information.

And this isn’t just with me, it’s everyone. Connor is a friend to all. No matter how annoying, rude, or undeserving of sympathy someone may be, he always gives them the benefit of the doubt, and will always be there for anyone who needs him.

With the strength Connor portrays and tries to give off to others, you’d think he would be one to come from a very well-off, privileged family, but this is not the case. He has faced hardships that would challenge even the strongest of human beings.

When I heard his story, I cried. I thought to myself, “how could the world give such a good kid so many challenges.” All I wanted to do was feel sorry for him. The struggles he’s faced would give any other kid an excuse to stop trying in school, live in anger at the world, and revert to drugs.

But he hasn’t. And with the way he carries himself doing well in school, being a top varsity coxswain on the crew team, and always finding ways to have a good time in any situation, many don't know of the struggles he’s faced. I knew him for several months before he told me them and he only told me in an effort to give me hope that things would get better for me with my problems. His story was not told for pity, but for inspiration. When I responded with “that’s so awful” and “I’m so sorry you went through that”, he came back with “its alright” and “nobody is beyond redemption. Things change, and they will for you too.”

Connor is brilliant, courageous, and inspiring. He always knows what’s right. There have been several instances in which I’ve been feeling down or upset and will be sitting at my desk at school, and suddenly feel a comforting arm across my back. I look behind me and his empathetic face looks back and says something comforting or funny or in some cases doesn’t say anything at all, but assures me that everything will be okay. In becoming friends with him, i've gained a new sense of hope, gratitude, and strength for many things in my life. He has brought light to me in my darkest of times, lent a helping hand when needed, and given me the strength and courage to battle through my future challenges. I know he will probably never read this, but he deserves to be recognized by the world. For all you know, someday you’ll be captivated by his goodness as well.

The author's comments:
Connor is my hero. He may not realize it, and he would never admit to it, but his personality changes lives and the world ought to recognize that.

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