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June 25, 2013
By dreamerangel SILVER, Valrico, Florida
dreamerangel SILVER, Valrico, Florida
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Normally, when someone is asked, "who is your hero?" or "what is a hero to you?" people's minds would turn to men in colored tights called super heroes, such as Batman or Superman. These are fictional characters that someone made up, giving young minds a supernatural person to look up to in times of trouble. Then when a person is asked who his or her 'real life' hero is they might say a person historically well known, or a famous actor or actress. Having supernatural powers or being on Tv is pretty cool, but God doesn't look at the big flashy lights or bright tights. He deems someone a hero by his or her heart. There's a saying, "A strong man stands up for himself, but an even stronger man stands up for others." Inner strength is a great quality of a hero. Another saying is, "Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and some men have greatness thrust upon them." My hero is my dad because he has a good heart, is humble, and puts others before himself.

Now my dad certainly doesn't wear colored tights or have any super powers that I know about. God blessed him with the gift of putting others before himself. Even though I'm not his own flesh and blood he still loves me as his own. When he gets tired and cranky his true heroic qualities come out because he still puts others before himself, though just in a louder voice. After work especially is when he's tired, but he still puts in the time to help mow the lawn, go to the store, and put the little ones down for bed. One of the best things that he's done, in my opinion, is when mom was pregnant and she was craving an orange smoothie from an old smoothie store that had been closed down in the local area so dad drove all of the way across town to get her a smoothie.

Another great quality of a hero that my dad has that seriously should be considered as being a super power is being a genius! Whenever I have trouble with my math homework, which is often, I take it to him. Because next to the English language he is fluent in all areas of mathematics. At times when i really have no idea what the math lesson is about, which is also often, he does his absolute best to explain it to me, Most of the time I'm completely lost, and he has to really dumb it down and explain it to me at least a million times until I get it. Sometimes he gets really frustrated when I don't understand the math lesson because he doesn't understand my confusion, but he still persists until I get it.

Courage is another great quality that my dad has. He had the bravery to go back to college to obtain his law degree. He used to be an accountant, and the manager at Publix, but then he wanted to help support mom in the lawyer business. It wasn't easy for him to go back to college because he had to stay up late at nights to study while making sure the kids weren't throwing wild parties in their rooms. Dealing with five kids, a wife, and college all at the same time can be pretty insane.

Every hero has to go through some test to prove that he or she is worthy of being called a hero. I gave my dad a test that would have most men running. When i was four, when my folks where still dating, I made my dad hold my Barbie dolls hand all the way across the mall. I made him carry me on his back, and he did those things without hesitation. He won me over with his outrageous sense of humor, that still puts a smile on my face. He's my hero.

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