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June 3, 2013
By Max Fales BRONZE, Cincinnati OH 45209, Ohio
Max Fales BRONZE, Cincinnati OH 45209, Ohio
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Through out the activist world, there have been certain role models who have stood for justice and equality. Some such as Dr. King have said that the road to equality was peace. Some, however, such as a Malcolm X believed in justice in action. In the paper you learn about Mr. Malcolm child hood religion belief and group he followed and finally his road as an activist.

Malcolm X did not have the nicest of child hoods. His father was an activist, and made a lot of enemies, which led to the torching of his house and the death of his father. A few years after the death of his father, his mother had a mental breakdown and was sent to a mental hospital. His siblings were split up. He was a strong student, and wanted to be a lawyer but his teacher said there are no black lawyers and he dropped out and started a life of crime and ended up in jail this is where he would get a full education.

While in prison Malcolm brother would often visit him and discuss The Muslim religion and which is what lead to his conversion to the Muslim religion. He would eventually join a group known as Nation of Islam (NOI). Their leader is known, as Elijah Muhammad Malcolm would write to Elijah in prison.

Do what ever is necessary is a very important saying that Malcolm Said as an activist this means unlike Mr. King he was not against violence if need be. After leaving NOI because of an alleged scandal from the group. This lead to him leaving the group and meant that many attempts of his life he rarely went anywhere with out bodyguards. Even with all of these precautions that could not stop assassin’s from take his life in a ball room on February 21 1965 three gun man got close to Malcolm and fired fifteen rounds into him he did not survive the attack The gun man were announced to be part of the NOI.

Even with Malcolm X’s untimely death his message of peace for all races (even if it did require violence) did not go unheard. With the help of other Activists there message finally got across for equality and Malcolm X was bigger part of the help.

The author's comments:
I think that he was big part of our history.

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