The Mechanic I Call Dad

September 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Trying to decide who my hero was was not an easy choice. I had so many people
to choose from for different reasons. I chose my dad because I admire him the most out
of all my choices. My dad was the best choice because he has a lot of heroic traits. He is
intelligent, courageous, honest, has leadership and most of all, is respectable. My dad is a
mechanic and a lot of people respect him for that.
“Ever since I was little, I have always loved taking things apart and putting them
back together.” When Jeff B was about eight years old, he knew he wanted to work
on cars. He built on to that interest by helping his grandfather work on his car. Jeff was
always taking apart his bike and putting it back together and he has been fixing things
ever since.
Jeff has only had four jobs in his entire life. His first job was as a paperboy. He
started that job when he was about ten years old and did not stop until he was 16. For the
first three years, he delivered the Indianapolis News, and for the last three years, he
delivered the Indianapolis Star. The next job that he had was at Baskin Robbins, but he
only worked there for about six months. Wake Up Oil Company was his third job and he
worked there for about three years. The last job that Jeff had was at Shell. He started
working there when he was about 17 years old. Jeff worked there until the owner built
Westfield Automotive. He considers that one job because it was run by the same owner
and he still had the same coworkers. Now he owns it, but still works there today.
I believe that my dad is a hero in many ways. His heroic qualities are leadership,
honesty, knowledge, courage, and he sacrifices many things. Jeff has to have leadership
or his business would not survive. He takes control of whatever needs to be handled.
Honesty is a quality that portrays mostly with his customers, which is why he has so
many customers. He has to have knowledge. You would not want your vehicle to be
fixed by someone who does not know what they are doing! My dad has courage because
he risks his life everyday working on cars. Something could go wrong while he is under
the car and he could be killed. I do not like to think about that, but it is true. One of his
brothers once pinned him in between his toolbox and another car he was working on.
Luckily he was not hurt! If he sticks with something, he has to finish it and does not give
up. I think that is an amazing quality in any person. My dad sacrifices the time he has to
spend with us, is family, to be at work and help my mom provide for us. He works long
hours and usually tired when he gets home. He just wants what is best or his family.
Odysseus and my dad are alike because they are both courageous. Odysseus was
courageous that he made it through Scylla, Charybdis, the Cyclops, and all of the other
monsters he ran into. Now Jeff has not fought and monsters, but he does overcome
challenges. He says “Every car with a problem is different. It is never the same
challenge.” My dad also says that the most rewarding thing about being a mechanic is
overcoming the challenge and getting the job done.
He has received great reviews from his customers. People actually come in from
out of state because they will not let anyone else work on their car. Customers usually
stay with him for a long time. He has a customer that has been coming to him for about
twenty-five years. That is a long time. When asked, “What is your secret to success as a
mechanic?” He said, “Customer service. No matter what, the customer is always comes
first and is always right.”
My dad has taught me many things in my life. One thing he has taught me is to
never quit because it will always pay off in the end. Jeff teaches me things that he has
had experience from, so I know to listen to him and to believe him. He gives me lectures
that he thinks I do not listen to, but I take in every word he says. I have learned a lot
about my dad just through this interview. My dad is definitely the hero in my life. Now
who is yours?

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