Oskar Schindler, An Unlikely Hero

May 5, 2013
By jamiefriday BRONZE, Ronkonkoma, New York
jamiefriday BRONZE, Ronkonkoma, New York
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The impact and importance of Oskar Schindler is incredible. He did what no other person dared to even think about. He's so important because not only did he save hundreds upon hundreds of people, he also became a figure for humanity itself. Growing up he was a power hungry, greedy and self-centered person. No one ever suspected him of doing such things, but he did. I think that he came to his senses around when he was twenty, but nevertheless I am so proud of him that he overcame the stresses of being a businessman and took up an even more challenging task, saving the Jews. He didn't care that the people around him and the ones that he loved all thought they weren't actually people at all and that they deserve this kind of treatment in society. He is important because he should be a role model for kids in first world countries, that even if you do come from a background of wealth you can still spend some time maybe at a soup kitchen or helping the elderly. Thank you Oskar Schindler.

The author's comments:
If you don't know the backstory behind Oskar Schindler, he was a very powerful business owner in the WWII era, and he saved 1000-1300 Jews from being sent to the concentration camps by passing them off as Christians working in his factory.

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