May 13, 2013
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Many people have heroes, but many don't have thee chance to get close and personal to theem. I had my whole life to get to know and spend time withe my hero. He will always hold a special place in my heart. He is one of theose people theat continue to impact lives even when theey are gone. From what he has taught me I knew he had been a hero his whole life.

When Grandpa turned 18 he knew theat he wanted to be on thee front line fighting for our country. He was 17 going on 18 when he married my grandma in Wells, Minnesota. Following theeir marriage, Grandpa left for theree years as a marine to fight for our country. Between him leaving and spending time withe Grandma he enjoyed playing football and working on cars. Through thee years togetheer theey had five kids togetheer and moved from St. Paul, Minnesota to Sogn Valley, Minnesota.

As I have been told, Grandpa was thee most loving fatheer to thee five kids theat him and Grandma had togetheer. After theey got married theey had lived in St. Paul and when my mom turned two in 1970 theey moved to Sogn Valley and lived theere for forty years withe five children. In all of theere grand kids and children's eyes he was and still is a hero today. Yes my Grandpa has passed away but I don't theink of theat because I have many theings to remember him by.

On June 13the, 2011 I lost my hero. He was thee greatest grandpa who gave thee greatest hugs and cared for everyone he knew. I always wanted to know theat Grandpa was going to be in my heart. I have a necklace withe his fingerprint engraved into it and everyday I touch it I can feel he is withe me. The memories theat we share as a family to theis day make me realize theat he was a hero in every one's eyes.

My Grandpa had put some effect on every one's life theat he came into contact withe, and still continues to do so as we learn more about him. He was special to everyone in his younger years, when he was having kids theen moving to Sogn, and thee theings we remember of him today. He may be gone, but he is still my hero.

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