Gutsy Gandhi

May 12, 2013
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“I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and non-violence are as old as the hills. All I have done is to try experiments in both on as vast a scale as I could.” These deep words form a quotation that came from the powerful mouth of Mohandas Gandhi who was native to the lands of India. Despite his untimely death, the unique man earns a hero reputation. Gandhi died violently for those life held intentions of non-violence and visible humbleness. I studied this Indian a whole six months for a speech category (Great Speeches) in my freshmen speech season. Honestly, I feel like an actual Gandhi wiz now. There are many characteristics that qualify him with hero identification and I will make them all clear.

Mohandas Gandhi gave various speeches within India speaking out for a non-violent fight against growing British imperialism. British imperialism was all too common in the early 1900s, leaving the citizens weakened at the foot of their own government. Getting citizen viewpoints involved was essential in Gandhi’s most famous speaking presentation entitled Quit India to the All India Congress Committee. Quit India was easily the most important speech because of the unique rally style and of the essential impact following on the next day. The fact of the matter was that Great Britain had grown too accustomed to their so called home; citizens felt unhappy enough to take action. A major rebellious group by the name of The Quit India Movement lacked a needed cornerstone (foundation) to build off of until humble Gandhi made his surprising presence. Describing the All India Congress Committee as a corrupt government positioned in front of the real deal Britain would be accurate depiction which he had to put aside for the time being. The unknown man at first, crippled in stature according to many, took the stage climaxing off his entire life. Gandhi would commence on that beautiful night of August 8, 1942, continuing proudly while the nation stayed watching.

I know when I come into contact with a hero. Heroes are what we humans sometimes dream to set out as. Typically, heroes such as Mohandas Gandhi don’t even think about being a hero in the first place. They believe deep down in their hearts that their actions at the time are always right. Standing up for minority over the oppressive majorities might be tough to swallow down on, yet Gandhi didn’t shy away at the least. It could be simply clear just looking at taped recordings of his impressive hour and thirty minute Quit India speech. Great Speeches are easy to find looking on the internet, but what about the speaker himself? I believe Gandhi speaking along with humble actions is an act nothing short of a heroic title. At the end, the terminal card of “the congress will do or die” is released freezing the audience sudden then a thawing applause breaks loose. Everything seemed so positive behind that congress podium, though consequences would eventually come this hero’s way.

It’s truly interesting how India changed for better in a short six year span. The Quit India Movement triumphed over British imperialism on August 9, 1942, following Gandhi’s speech that provided momentum. Unfortunately, India wasn’t exactly done with change; one tragic one remained. At the end of the six year span, Gandhi was brutally assassinated by a gunned Hindu follower. People grieved hard for this humble Indian and to this day the man is remembered as the nation’s true father. When that yearly Independence Day comes around, the citizens all know who to honor above. Mohandas Gandhi’s legacy lived on past his painful assignation and it traveled all around the world. Here in the United States of America, Martin Luther King said Gandhi inspired himself to fight for African Americans civil rights.

In conclusion, Mohandas Gandhi should be noted as a hero if he isn’t regarded as one now. He gave his life and soul for a possible free Indian nation that seemed miles away from sight. There are three main reasons for hero identification: humbleness, guts for glory, and measurable following impact. I want my readers to be aware of Gandhi and to influence themselves along with others into his kind of behavior. No one should be afraid to stand up for what they believe; we live under a democracy/republic for a reason. Minority is by no means less than a majority group of people. Just listen to the heroic words of Gandhi and success will come soon enough. “I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and non-violence are as old as the hills. All I have done is to try experiments in both on as vast a scale as I could.”

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