A Friend, my Mom, and my Hero

September 12, 2008
The person I love, cherish, and look up to in my life is my mom. Her life has been very difficult so far, and she has over come so many obstacles. I know some other person wouldn’t have been able to handle it. Her qualities are great, she is independent, loving, caring, strong, and wears her heart on her sleeve. My mom is always trying hard and I have never seen her give up. Some times the way she handles things blows my mind because she acts like nothings wrong when most people probably wouldn’t even go into work. I would never change my mom she is more to me than anyone could understand, she is my best friend and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I picked my mom for my hero for many different reasons. One reason I choose my mom was because she has had 3 different cancers. That was hard on everyone but I never knew where she got the strength to go through it all. Also another reason why is because she sometimes gets blamed for things that’s not her fault at work or sometimes her employee’s don’t listen. My mom is a fighter at heart; she never asks for much and always is working to provide for us. I admire my mom at times for her effort and hard working, I want to learn how to be like her or at least be a good mom like her. She always puts her family above herself and sometimes it’s almost like “ok mom, sit down and relax.” My mom has a hard time with my brother too; he has ADHD with a mood disorder so that puts added stress on her. I feel bad sometimes because I want to help but she doesn’t let me, she is just so stubborn. She is a noble person in my eyes because she thinks about other above herself and that’s hard to find in a person.

My mom is like Odysseus in a couple of ways. Odysseus had to fight mentally, emotionally, and physically just to get home and my mom had to do the same thing to get through cancer, it was a big battle for her. Odysseus takes risks and sometimes so does my mom, like when she started a new job and moved us to Westfield, she never knew what was going to happen but it turned out pretty good. Also they both have courage when Odysseus had to fight all those monsters and then when my mom had to stand up in what she thought was right to my dad to get my brother help. My mom and Odysseus also have patients, like Odysseus had to wait 20 years to get home and my mom has to sit down maybe for a couple hours with my brother just to get his homework done. They also are very curious like when Odysseus had to stay to see the Cyclopes and my mom always has to stay and watch something even if it means getting caught. In my point of view my mom is still a bigger hero than Odysseus though.

Oh man, all the things my mom has told me over the years, I have learned so much from her. Just like when we moved here she told me, ‘Never worry about what people think of you at first glimpse as long as your being yourself someone will like you.” I still didn’t want to go to the first day of school that morning no matter what she told me, but on like the second day I found out she was right. Also if I’m having trouble in school and I tell her she always tell me, ‘As long as you try your best and it shows I’ll understand.” The things she tells me might not be helpful to me at that moment but in the end I’ll remember what she said and it will make me smile because it’s almost like she knows I’m going to need that advice later on. Most of the time I go to my mom for help and that’s hard for some kids but me and my mom have a very open relationship and I’m glad we have that.

My hero has so much stuff that has gone on in her life and I find it very interesting. She was born on July, 12, 1974 and she is now 34 years of age. She lived most of her life in Plymouth, Indiana. She went to high school at Culver Military Academy and played basketball. She wanted to go to college to become a dental assistant but when she was 5 days away from 20 she had me! When she was about 24 we moved to Indianapolis. She started working for Firestone/Bridgestone where the field was mostly male dominated. By the time she was 26 we had a new addition to the family my little brother. Then when she was around 28 her and my step-dad got divorced. She started a new job at Horton when she was 33 and also was diagnosed with leukemia. Now, when she is 34 her cancer has gone away and she is doing better. My mom always has something going on in her life!

So hopefully you can see how much my hero plays a role in my life. She provides for me, helps me, listens to me, and is always there when I need her. Some people take there parents for granted and that really bothers me because some people don’t have parents and don’t have what they have that’s why I appreciate my mom so much and that’s also why she is my hero. If I ever lost my mom it would be horrible because me and her are very open with each other, if some thing is bothering I’ll tell her or if some thing is bothering her she’ll tell me. This is why my mom is my hero and the person I look up to. One quote my mom said to me I’ll never forget it, ‘Whatever you want to do I’ll support you.” That really meant a lot to me.

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