My Modern Day Odysseus

September 11, 2008
There are many heroes in our world who have tackled great feats and overcome extreme adversities, but there are many other traits that can make someone a hero. My hero has taught me through her life that life is hard, but you should always try your hardest. From her, I have learned to never give up. My hero has not only taught me great life lessons, but she has done some extraordinary things herself. She grew up on a farm in Newton County, Indiana taking care of all her animals and chores daily, and she participated in many extracurricular activities throughout her school career. She raised an amazing family, and the whole time she strived to be the best. My hero is loyal, courageous, selfless, and dedicated; my modern day Odysseus is my mom.

My mom is one of the most selfless people I know. She gives up so much and is so dedicated to doing whatever she can for her family. Everyday she makes sure that my brothers and I are well taken care of. She looks after us and gives us the best she can of everything. With my family’s social calendar, I don’t know how my mom does it. She takes us to the movies, to sporting events, to the mall, and so many other places whenever we ask. She does things she might not particularly like, but does it with a good attitude and a smile. I have heard many times, “You might have to do things in life you don’t want to do, but you should always do them with a willing heart.” This phrase continually helps me get things done when I don’t want to do them. Complaining can just make things worse, and I have definitely learned that from this quote.

Being selfless takes a lot of dedication. My mom is dedicated to helping me in any way she can. Sometimes I can get frustrated doing my homework, but she still tries to help. She is dedicated to her job and constantly gives the best of herself. “Always give 110%” is a belief she lives by. My hero is dedicated to being a loving mother, being calm under pressure, and being a hard worker. As a teenager, she showed just how dedicated a person she truly is, waking up every day to feed and take care of her animals day after day. I hope that one day I can teach dedication to others, by the values I learned from her continual dedication to everything she does.

Courage is a trait that is commonly associated with a hero. Life is hard, but my mom faces everything she does with a brave, courageous heart. Struggles throughout her life make her stronger and are learning experiences. She is not afraid to try new things. Life is like a long journey over an ocean. A courageous person knows that there will be rough storms, but you must continue on to reach smooth sailing. In the same way, my mom is courageous through her life. She takes the good with the bad, but never stops or turns back. My mom has lived by this through and through.

Loyalty is being faithful to one’s convictions. My mom is loyal to my family. I believe that in the face of danger, she would do anything to protect us. She cares and loves for us more than anything in the world. Religion is a strong aspect in our family’s lives and she is continually loyal to God. When I was younger, I never liked waking up early to go to church every Sunday morning. As I continue to grow older, I am so thankful that my mom was committed to taking us to church as much as we did not want to go. Her loyalty to teaching me about God has greatly changed my life and how I live my life. Without loyalty to her beliefs, I would be a much different person.

I think in many ways my mom can be compared to Odysseus. Odysseus was strong not only physically, but mentally as well. My modern day Odysseus is always mentally strong. She has been tried in life numerous times; however, she never gives up. I love that about her. My mom is always there for me even when I might not be the most fun to be around. Also like Odysseus, she is a leader. Every year on the first day of school she tells me to “be a leader and not a follower.” From being treasurer of the National Honor Society in high school, to being Newton County Fair Queen, I have learned from my mom that a leader is a very important person in the world. A leader helps others and can really make a difference.

Most people consider a hero someone who has saved a person’s life, or someone who has overcome extremes odds, like a deadly disease. My mom is a person who breaks this mold. She is a hero in all her own ways. My modern day Odysseus is loyal, courageous, selfless, and dedicated. Without the many lessons she has taught me, I would not be nearly the person I am today. Because of her, I strive to be the best and to give all of myself for others. My hero has truly changed my life in an untold amount of ways. So, to leave you with the words of my hero, “Let’s teach the world peace.”

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biomajor said...
Sept. 18, 2008 at 1:58 am
First of all, great title. The title conveys a depth of knowledge. The article flows well; each paragraph leads into the next. Your carefully selected words bring your mom to life. Outstanding!
Sbanthony said...
Sept. 16, 2008 at 1:28 pm
Very well written article. The concluding paragraph summarized the article well and supported your various qualifications of a hero. Good Job!
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