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April 17, 2013
By marymcgarr BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
marymcgarr BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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I was a student who could care less about my grades; I was so caught up thinking that a letter grade didn’t reflect my intelligence, and as long as I stayed mindful, I would have the potential to do anything I wanted. I came in as a stubborn girl who was not aware of anything around me except petty drama any 13 year’ old came upon, and I left Skyline Middle School prepared and ready to take on my next 4 years of high school. It surely wasn’t my cup of tea waking up each morning to go to school; I owe it to Mrs. Simon for teaching me that everyday you walk into school, is the new day that motivates you for your future.
Whether you’re having a rough night at home, need a boost in a bad day, or even forgetting your lunch money, Mrs. Simon is always your girl to turn to! Not only did teaching come so naturally, but also she made it so important to act as a mother figure to her students needing extra support. For some, just a little attention and being reminded that they’re great, is the little thing they need to brighten up their day. Rather than most teachers who want nothing from you but your homework that was due last week, Mrs. Simon viewed everything in her students prospective, which is why I think people respect her the most. Making her students comfortable was always her key to creating the best environment to learn in.
Each day I walked into D period ready to learn. Every lesson we were impelled to listen. It was fascinating how everything we were taught had a life lesson behind it. Even while writing this essay, I'm still thinking back and applying her theory. One day during class, we were learning about better paragraph writing. One by one she took out a bunch goodies; every ingredient stood for each essential to writing a structured passage. Later on we got our fair share of our edible learning tools. Mrs. Simon was always the one to use her creativity in the classroom, and I’ve taken her lessons with me. So many people count on memorization, when really it’s what you take out of what you learn; none of it matters if you’re just listening to ace the test.
Another reason why I respect Mrs. Simon is that she had a group called the
“Woman’s club” to empower young girls. Unfortunately, some have difficult living situations, or problems at home; it’s easy to get in trouble at school, but I feel like this club nominated girls to come together and be a part of something, while supporting each other through good or bad times. Mrs. Simon is like superwoman; she invests so much time in her students, and she undertakes countless extracurricular activities to make walking in to school each day a better experience.
As the chapter of my eighth grade year finally came to an end, I learned so many valuable lessons. I am nominating Mrs. Simon as the Educator of the Year because she’s a generally humble person. I look up to her as an educator, and a role model; she makes me want to be a better a person. If you come across this Mrs. Simon, I would like to say how much you have impacted my life, keep doing what you’re doing; I know for a fact I’m not the only person whose life you changed.

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