Harriet Tubman

March 27, 2013
By , Saratoga Springs, NY
For my fifth outside reading book I chose to read Harriet Tubman, written by George Sullivan. The copyright date is 2001. The genre is African American literature

I would definitely recommend this book for middle school students. I feel they would enjoy learning interesting facts about Harriet Tubman and her life.

Harriet Tubman was a very courageous women who freed over three hundred slaves from the south. She was the conductor of the underground railroad in which she led slaves to Pennsylvania and then to Canada. She stopped at “stations” along the way which were safe houses. She did most of her traveling at night and hid out during the day. She received help from farmers and Quakers to get her closer to her destination. They provided her with wagons, horses, food, and shelter. She made 19 trips to the south to rescue slaves. In 1861, the civil war began, she led troops behind enemy lines, and she even carried a musket. During the war, she was also a nurse to injured soldiers, blacks who had fled the plantations, some ill, some starving. In 1865, the civil war was over and they now had freedom. She returned to her home in Auburn, New York. She raised money for schools and offered food and shelter to poor blacks passing through. She died in 1913 of pneumonia, she was 93. There are many memorials in Harriet Tubman’s honor in several states.

In conclusion, this book is a great choice for interesting facts about Harriet Tubman. She devoted herself to helping others, she was a humble women, and if she were here today, I’m sure she would show the same generosity.

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