Mothering Shadow

March 22, 2013
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What a hero is someone that stand up for someone. Somebody that can’t let anything go wrong. A person that can’t see somebody not get justice. A hero is someone that can’t see someone crying or etc. My mother is someone who hasn’t gave up when she was a little baby. When she was young she never fought because she doesn’t hurt anybody. When she grew up she has been a good big sister and daughter baby bringing food home when there wasn’t anything at home to eat. My mom supported me through hard times. She is my hero and will be.

My mom was a hero in her childhood was by not giving up. She was a strong person that doesn’t give up hopes. While she was a baby she loved to help out her mom. She wouldn’t do anything bad that will end up hurting her parents. My mother was the big sister of three little brothers, she was a hero to them because when they didn’t have food she was the one that worked hard being a little small child getting food just for them. Her childhood didn’t go good but she put the effort in it and been a hero to her small brothers and parents.

My mom was a hero in her young adulthood when she helped her parents out on everything they couldn’t do. She was a person that didn’t get in a fight because she couldn’t see nobody hurt. She never fought with anyone in her whole life. She helped the other people out that didn’t get no help they post to have. She gave the people justice. She didn’t let anybody cry or see getting hurt. She would always love to help out people.

My mom was a hero in her adulthood by full filling her being a big daughter/sister. She was a big sister that helped out her brother when her dad couldn’t do it. She worked hard as she could to get money for food so everybody can eat in the house. She worked morning, day till night just to get money for her parents. She loved to be with her mom, because the dad used to hit her. If she looked at a guy she would get slapped or hit. She couldn’t go to her friend’s house even though she was 18. Her dad wouldn’t even let her get out of sight. She didn’t have a good adulthood, couldn’t go where ever she wanted, didn’t have enough food at home, and her family was just poor.

My mother, my superwoman, my role model, my shadow I follow to succeed in life is my one and only MOM. My mother is everything to me that I look up to. She is one responsible person I know on earth; also she is someone who will take care of you when something goes wrong. She will will worry about you if something goes wrong and you don’t get the rights you wanted. That’s my hero. My One and Only Mother.

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