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   Heroes have certain characteristics that separate them fromother people. They give mankind a good example to look up to.One of my heroes may not be heroic in the classic sense of theword, but I consider him one, nonetheless. Stanley Kubrick,the accomplished film director, fits my idea of a hero. Heinfluenced the movie industry and had many accomplishments inhis field. An enterprising man, Kubrick faced problems earlyin his life, but found ways to succeed. What in Kubrickallowed him to create masterpieces? A non-conformist, Kubricksucceeded in questioning his surroundings to fulfill his innervisions.

Numerous accomplishments clearly reflectKubrick's genius. He received 11 Oscar nominations for hisfilms: "A Clock-work Orange," "2001: A Space Odyssey," "Dr.Strangelove" and "Barry Lyndon." Another film, "Spartacus,"received a Golden Globe. The Directors Guild of Americaawarded the D.W. Griffith Award (for lifetime achievement) toKubrick for his contribution to the film industry. At theVenice Film Festival, Kubrick also received the Golden LionAward. In the recent list issued by the American FilmInstitute of the 100 best movies, "2001: A Space Odyssey" wasnumber 22, with "Dr. Strangelove" at 26 and "A ClockworkOrange" at 46.

A 67% average in high school keptKubrick from going to college, but he still managed to becomea successful director. How did he do it? He was enterprisingand determined, qualities of a true hero. Kubrick worked forLook magazine and traveled the country as a photographer. Heacquired a passion for learning, and went to college as a non-matriculating student. To support himself, Kubrick playedchess for money. He was 23 when he made his first movie, a16-minute documentary that was bought by RKO. Kubrick wasambitious and was soundman, cinematographer, editor anddirector for one of his first movies, "Flying Padre." Over theyears he continued to tackle multiple jobs, and is oftenconsidered a perfectionist.

Beginning a film careerrequired dedication and risk-taking. An early film compelledKubrick to borrow $13,000 from his family. "Paths of Glory,"his first classic, was turned down by every studio until KirkDouglas agreed to star. Now critics consider it the best warmovie ever made.

Stanley Kubrick has been referred toas the Howard Hughes of cinema. A little mystery always liesbehind his name. Supposedly, he refused to stray far from hishouse in England, his home since shooting "Lolita."

The controversy behind many of his movies seems key totheir success. Originally, "A Clockwork Orange" received anX-rating, and rumor had it that his last film,"Eyes WideShut," would receive an NC-17 rating [until modifications weremade to earn an R rating].

To direct films sodaring showed not only boldness, but also detachment from theconventional. Kubrick did not cater to his audience, hopingfor box office hits. Instead, he made films true to hispersonal vision.

Stanley Kubrick worked hard for hismany accomplishments. His industrious and enterprising waysled him to success. Originality and distance from theconventional brought out the genius of his films. StanleyKubrick, the great filmmaker, also qualifies as my hero.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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