My Mom, My Hero

February 10, 2013
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My mom has inspired me to take on challenges even when success is uncertain. I have always looked up to her as the light to guide me through my life. In other words, she is my hero. She possesses qualities that I hope to pass down from generation to generation. When I grow up, I hope I can inherit these qualities and teach them to others I meet in my life.

To start off, my mother is a very giving person. She has always taught me that life is for giving to others, not taking things from others. When we go to India, she always thinks about giving money to charity before she thinks about shopping for herself. Also, my mother is very intelligent. If I can’t figure out something related to school, regardless of the subject, she will always be there for me. In addition, my mother is very creative. In her free time, she enjoys reading or writing, which helps her when she writes plays for Indian community groups. Last but not least, my mother is a family person. When we travel to India, her first priority is to visit family. In conclusion, my mother is my hero, and I hope I can pass down these qualities from generation to generation.

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