Prisoner of War, Gene O. MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   He is the only man for the job of hero. It all began in Germany. He was the best tailgunner you'd ever see, pounding off round after round of serious ammo, knocking down enemy planes leftand right. Then his situation took a nose-dive; he was hit and falling rapidly. German soldiers stormed thegroup and forced them into a boxcar. There were 18 with no food or drink; the only source of water wasrain seeping through the roof.

They arrived at a concentration camp. There they didn't just workall day with little to eat, they were also constantly punished. My uncle watched his friends get beaten andhung, but all he could do was wait.

After 18 months Americans liberated the concentration camp.All were happy as the bombs exploded, guns roared and the Germans fell. Through all the ashes and smokecame the American troops. Helicop-ters came and took my uncle and the other Americans home.

My uncle was never awarded anything, but when he told me this, he was crying. If there is aSuperman from Earth, it is my Uncle Gene.

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i love this so much!

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