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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   "Please God, don't let me pass out," I prayedfrantically. My heart was beating chaotically, and I couldn't get enough oxygen.

Behind the makeshift stage at the Champlain Valley Fair were two tents.At the end of a corridor in the far-left corner of the tent was another tent. Thesecond one held half a dozen chairs set up in an oval. The smell of dew-coveredgrass hung in the air as a man strolled in. I had known him my whole life, butnever met him.

Dressed in Adidas sandals, green sweatpants, a sweatshirtand baseball cap, this man literally left me speechless. The tent transformedinto a cave of warmth, and nothing mattered to me but him. We made eye contactand began to talk. He asked my permission, then squeezed beside me into mywheelchair.

This man sent out unimaginable vibes, and immediately Isensed I had a very special friendship that would last a lifetime. While I readto him, he stared at the ground but was clearly moved. Later, he talked, laughed,joked and made some of the most hilarious faces I have ever seen. He didn't justfocus on me but also my family.

The minutes were passing fast, and Iwished I could have frozen time in the tent. The love radiating from this man canonly be compared to that of parents for their children. I truly believe he was anangel sent to me. All too soon we bid farewell and I knew I would never be thesame. This wonderful, awesome, gentle, caring man touched and changed me.

I have had a different perspective on life since that September night twoyears ago. I used to dream and think, "It's impossible." Now I knoweverything is possible. Every human being needs to believe, for believing ishope. There's always hope.

This man made time for a complete stranger inhis busy life. He is a special gift, not just to me, but millions of people. Hehas relayed many messages, much laughter and even heartache to people all overthe world. He's made me look at life differently. His final words to me thatevening were, "Thank you, Monica M." Mine to him were, "Thankyou, Mr. Bill Cosby."

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i love this so much!


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