My Heroes

December 18, 2012
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Most people’s heroes are famous celebrities but not me sure I do have celebrities that I look up to but my heroes are my mum and nanny.
When people ask me why they are my heroes I tell them I have many reasons and leave it at that but this time I decided to tell the whole story.
My mum is my hero because when she was younger she had a dream to go to college and get a good job but was stopped by her boyfriend who said she didn’t need to so she shouldn’t go. So being stupid she listened to him and didn’t go. Now after getting married to another man and having three kids she has gone back to college to get her degrees and is still getting them now all whilst getting divorced from my dad, looking after three kids, five horses, one dog, three cats and not forgetting the fish.
My mum has changed my life so much, she has taught me to do my own thing never let anyone tell me what to do or make decisions for me. My mum has made me realise I can do anything I put my mind to if I just work hard. Because of my mum I appreciate every opportunity I have and I will never take that for granted.
My nanny is also my hero because she has been through so much as far back as I can remember. The earliest memory is of eight years ago was when my great auntie her sister died of cancer that was miss diagnosed until it was too late, she died leaving behind five kids that were all still young. No one was expecting this and was very upset but my nanny being strong made sure everyone was happy even when she wasn’t. Since then she has had cancer that she thought so hard and got through. She has lost another sister to cancer and an uncle since then she also has other sisters and nieces with cancer right now. Even while all this was happening she still managed to visit and care for her older brother who has a disease that makes him very ill, visit and take out her three grandchildren and visiting her ill sisters all whilst battling her own cancer. She holds the family together with her strength.
My nanny has also changed my life so much, she has made me a stronger person in so many ways. Since she got cancer she has shown everyone how strong she is but it also taught me that you have to live every day the way you want because it could be one of your last. I am not as strong as my nanny but I know because of her I am a different person.
So because of this I am so lucky to have such amazing people in my life and I hope I can grow up to be just like my heroes.

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