People Are Weird

December 17, 2012
By Amanda Rigdon BRONZE, Merritt Sialnd, Florida
Amanda Rigdon BRONZE, Merritt Sialnd, Florida
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As i walk through the black hole door way entrance to the 25th annual Star track convincion, galactic creatures lurk around in almost every corner i can spot with my naked eye. My senses tells me a foreign life form creeps behind in my footsteps. Anntenas and extra appendages brush my shoulders as I float through the endless sea of extra terrestrial shadows from what looks to be the Mother Ship. Wide ranges of people come from all over to attend this very special gathering of crazies. Models of the Sun Mars Jupiter Plutonian and Abnigator hang from the ceiling with glowing rays of light and burning stars, giving this Star Treck ball a more reason to streioe type them as "nerds" From the miniature Cheewbackas to the calausus dinosaur looking beast, people and things from all over and every age come and attend. People hang around game booths to test their skills and see if they are fit out to be galactic super warriors of the universe. Packaged space food stations at the Rocket Cafe surve Maccaronie which is known to crawl and leap off one tray to another. The meat loaf steams with death glares looking as if it had secret eyes warning you not to touch it. I can now officially saw I've seen the weirdest people in the universe.

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