Teachers and Educators

December 16, 2012
When most people are asked who their heroes are, they say their mother, father, family members, best friends, or celebrities. I used to be one of those people. That is, until the horrible shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on January 14th, 2012. Now, I realize that the true heroes are not always the ones that are there for you. They can be strangers you’ve never met or even heard about. My heroes are the teachers and staff that risked their lives to save the children, some of them taking their last breath as they tried to fight the shooter, and those who would do so in a heartbeat all around the world.

Most people never think twice about the teachers in their lives. Sure, there’s usually one or two that will stick in your mind and others that you simply remember by name. But the teachers and staff at Sandy Hook will never be forgotten. Teachers like Victoria Soto and staff such as the principal, Dawn Hochsprung and psychologist, Mary Sherlach, who were among those who died, were killed trying to save the children. They put the children’s lives ahead of their own. Educators don’t get the recognition they deserve. Most would do exactly what the teachers and staff at Sandy Hook would have done.

Teachers and educators aren’t thought of as more important than doctors and lawyers generally. While doctors save lives and lawyers keep the innocent out of jail, those working with children are the ones that are able to make the biggest impact, and they’re the ones that are most likely to do so. They are the heroes so many of us aspire to be like. They put others ahead of themselves, risking their own safety and even their lives in order to save others. They are so selfless but don’t ask for recognition. They do it simply because they would rather hurt and suffer than see those around them in that position. They inspire generations and foster hope but never ask for anything in return. A simple smile or thank you is enough for them, if that. They are the heroes that should be remembered. And I believe that there are no greater heroes than them.

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