People We Overlook

December 12, 2012
By Anonymous

In this day and age we all have people in our lives that we may think of heroes. It may be a parent or maybe a friend or family member. There are always people in our lives that seem like heroes to us. Not many people realize it but there more than one type of hero.

In your society there are fireman and police officers who risk their lives every day to make sure that people like us are safe and secure and to make sure that we don’t get hurt. Firemen for example risk their lives and go into fires to save other people. There are always local people and I know a few people who volunteer to be a fireman so that they can help their community be a better and safer place.

Police officers also risk their lives; they are the people who stop from all the bad getting out into the world. People think that police officers are the worst people in the world and I don’t understand why you would hate someone who is protecting you and who wants to be on your side. They risk their lives to make sure that your community is safe and out of harm’s way. There are many people in your society that are local heroes and they volunteer they don’t even get paid for what they do they just wanting to do it so that they make a difference.

Some people make the difference in other people’s lives. They are there when they need them the most always help them out and I think that we should honor that. People don’t really recognize all of the people who do what they do to be a hero to everyone else. There are small heroes all around and we don’t even notice. Even though it’s not the biggest thing on the world you can be a small hero yourself. Even if it just means helping out your local community with picking up garbage. Small things can make a big difference.

Also when you see local heroes around thank them for what they have done for you. These people are risking their lives for you and to make the place you live a lot safer. Maybe even you could volunteer at the local fire station or learn to be a police officer. All in all these people aren’t really noticed in life when they are probably the most important people that we need in our society today. Whether it’s a friend or a family member just thank them for being your hero.

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