Brother Matt K. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

   During school, he lives in Florida, but in the summer he returns to his nest inMichigan. Even though he enjoys living where the sand is soft and white and thewaves crash only 200 feet from his apartment, I know he misses being with usbecause we all miss him, too. He faces the challenges of being an adult - turninghis projects in on time and getting good grades - yet he somehow has a way ofhandling it all. It's as though he's a superhero from another planet when reallyhe's just Matt, my older brother who is always there for me and will always lovesme.

As a college sophomore, my brother has a ton of responsibilities. Iknow at times he feels he carries the world on his shoulders, and I watch in aweas he overcomes most of his problems.

Not only do I look up to my brotherfor his responsibility, I also admire his kindness. Since I was little, he hasalways helped me out or cracked a great joke when I needed it. Whether teachingme guitar tunes, giving me a piggyback ride or helping me climb our basementwalls like Jackie Chan, he's fun to be around and always puts a smile on myface.

I especially remember one Halloween when I had the chicken pox andwas miserable the whole night. Matt made me laugh when he dressed up as QuailMan, a silly character from a TV show. When he came home with pillowcases full ofcandy, he generously gave me most of it and told me to feel better.

When Matt was born, he was blessed with an unbelievable artistic talent. Eversince, he has been developing it. Sometimes, he draws a portrait of me or givesme one of his projects from school. These treasures, all on display in my room,remind me that my dreams can become reality. Matt, the artist and brother, won'tlet me give up because he never gave up. My hero inspires me to become a betterperson.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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