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   "Once we choose hope, even the unthinkable is possible," says Christopher Reeve inhis book, Nothing Is Impossible.

With a loving wife, three children, abook, and fame from his role of Superman in four movies, Christopher Reeve seemslike a man with everything. To the unknowing, his life would seem perfect, butseven years ago Reeve was left paralyzed after a horseback riding accident. Hecould not move, breathe on his own, or feel anything. Doctors told him it wasunlikely he would ever move again, especially if nothing happened in the firsttwo years.

Life was hard those first two years, and Reeve had a fewnear-death experiences. But then he began to show amazing strength that few have.He was determined to prove his doctors wrong, and even through the torture of notbeing able to feel physically close to anyone, he pressed on with hope and willpower. He began exercising daily, even though it seemed pointless. He tried tolead as normal a life as his disability would allow, and traveled regularly. Healso lectured, and to this day has amazing general health for a person in hissituation. His close-knit family supported him through depression and unsuretimes. All this work has finally led to something that has left doctorscompletely baffled and given new hope to paralyzed people everywhere. Reeve'slatest accomplishment? Movement.

His first sign of movement occurred in2000, when he moved his left index finger. Now he has movement in more than thatone finger, and most important of all, he can feel touch again. Reeve has somemovement in his arms and can now breathe for short periods without hisrespirator. In water (with its absence of gravity) he has made the most progress- he can move all ten fingers and his leg muscles into walking positions. Thisalone has baffled doctors. They are looking into the possibility that one of hisexercises has something to do with it. Reeve used Functional ElectricalStimulation, which acted as the "brain" and sent electrical stimulationto his muscles, forcing them to move, which may have contributed to his recentmovement.

Another area that could have helped Reeve is stem cell research.He is positive that stem cells hold the key to allowing paralyzed people to walkagain, and is certain he would be walking today if this research was notlimited.

Christopher Reeve is a true inspiration and a pillar of hope andstrength. Hope is the key to accomplishment, and if more people looked to him asan example, our society would be unbreakable. His patience and hope through yearsof frustration, and his hope of walking again, is remarkable.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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