Charlie B., Grandfather MAG

By Valene H., Scituate, MA

   Ifsomeone asked who my hero was, I wouldn't name the President of the United Statesor a movie star. My answer wouldn't be an All-Star football player or an Olympicathlete, either. The person I would name would be my grandpa.

He was anextraordinary person. No one could compare to him or ever take his place in myheart. He was one of the kindest people I've known. From the day I met him hewelcomed me as a part of his family.

When I was six years old my motherwas engaged to his son, and before they even married, he treated me as if I wereone of his own grandchildren. We even moved in with my grandparents shortly aftermy mother got married. One of the last things my grandpa said to me before hedied was, "You're not my grandchild by blood, but I love you just as if youwere."

I had so much fun when I lived with my grandparents. Iremember going down to their TV room and talking with them or watching "TheGolden Girls." I missed them when they wintered in Florida, but it made forfun vacations to the Sunshine State in the middle of winter. We only lived withthem for three years, but they are years I will remember for the rest of mylife.

I loved my grandpa's personality. I've never met anyone like him. Hewas one of the most personable individuals you could ever meet. He was so full oflife and energy. At the age of 70 he spent weekends golfing or making magnets,which was one of his hobbies. He never let his cancer get to him. He was alwaysupbeat and lived life to the fullest. When we went out to dinner, he would bringhis magnets to give to the waitress. The waitresses all loved them and he wasfriends with many of them. He also had a terrific sense of humor. He always toldthe story of when he got a chipped glass at a restaurant once, he put some catsupon his lip and told the waitress he had cut himself on the glass.

One ofmy favorite memories is of my grandpa at Christmas. He always played Santa andpassed out presents to everyone. My cousins and I were the little elves who wentunder the tree to get the presents for him.

My grandpa was verydedicated to his family. Every Christmas he would give my grandma a big numberone wrapped up to remind her she was still #1. He would volunteer to drive me toballet even if it meant keeping him out late. (He liked getting to bed veryearly.) At their house in New Hampshire, he carved all his grandchildren's namesinto the porch posts for everyone to see. And when he introduced me to a newperson, he would always say, "Have you met my granddaughterVal?"

My grandpa died last summer and I miss him very much. I thinkabout him all the time, but I know he's looking after us all, and that he missesus, too.

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i love this so much!


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