Robert K., Father MAG

By Samantha D., Albrightsville, PA

   Aninspiration is defined as "someone who shows divine guidance andinfluence." Many will come in and out of your life, but only a few leave animprint on your heart. This is the case with my stepfather, Robert Krumm. Robertis an amazing man who has touched my life, as well as many others. Besides beinga full-time dad, he is also an American History teacher. It is hard for him to beat work all day surrounded by teenagers, and then come home to deal with anotherteenager, but he always finds time for me.

There's a town in New Jerseythat has been honored to have a remarkable man teaching at their high school.Robert Krumm - "Dad," to me - has been passionately teaching studentsfor 36 years. Mr. Krumm is a bright, stern, but reasonable teacher who alwaysencourages his students to do their best. He is rarely disappointed. Mr. Krummknows when students try their best, and regardless of whether or not theyactually fulfill their goals, he is always proud.

There is another sideto this fantastic man that most don't see - Mr. Krumm, the father. After a longday of work and listening to hundreds of screaming teenagers, Dad comes home andtalks to me about my day, and listens to me whine and complain. Whenever I amdoing homework, Dad always asks if I need help. I can see in his eyes how proudhe is of me, and that is what drives me to do better.

My father is such aninspiration because I know that no matter what happens, he will always be proud.I know Dad will always be by my side pushing me to do my best, with words ofencouragement. It is really important to have him right now, because these yearsare hard. I am blessed to have such a positive role model to help mold me into arespectable young lady with a good mind. What I like most is that I am not theonly one who is touched by this amazing man. Every day, students at his schoolare able to encounter the great personality and wonderful teachings of anexceptional man. The only difference is that they call him Mr. Krumm, and I callhim Dad.

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