Mother Cynthia D. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

Some people are heroes because they inspire, are loving, giving or compassionate, because they solve problems, or are brave. All these things are wonderful attributes, and even though heroes aren't perfect, they often come close for those who admire them. My mother amazes me in just about every way.

Selflessness and generosity are two of the traits I admire most in my mother. I am astounded by the sacrifices she makes and the gifts she gives to make others (especially my family) happy. For example, my mother always makes time for our family. She has a full-time job, but still makes every effort to attend all our soccer games, cross-country meets, band or chorus concerts, or other activities.

When she could be relaxing, she'll drive me somewhere. Recently I was invited to a movie with friends on a Saturday night. I wanted to go, but did not really expect to since the theater was a half hour away. Nevertheless, I asked my mother if she would take me. She said of course, and then shopped to kill time while I was at the movie (since there wasn't time to go home). She gave up several hours of her Saturday night so that I could see a movie, and though it may have been a simple thing in the course of a lifetime, it meant a lot to me.

My mother makes an effort to do even the little things right, like cooking healthy dinners for us so that we don't have to eat fast food or frozen dinners like so many. And every year, my mom makes whatever we pick for our birthdays. These things are easily overlooked, but my appreciation grows when I think how my mother does all this.

One day not long ago, my older sister drove me home from school after soccer, and there was no one home. Then my mom called, saying she was on her way. She asked how my day was and what happened with my project, test, et cetera. About 45 minutes later, she arrived as I was doing my homework. She changed from her work clothes and then talked to each of my sisters. Then she turned to the task of making dinner. Watching The Food Network, she bustled about the kitchen. I came in, wondering what we were having for dinner, and we chatted. Then there was silence, except for the noises of cooking and the TV. I watched her, wondering how she did it all. She does so much at work and at home, and yet she is almost never in a bad mood. I don't do nearly as much, but I often take out my frustrations on those around me.

Looking at this amazing woman makes me realize that some of the greatest people are never acknowledged. I think just about everyone who has met my mother likes her, and it is easy to see why. My extraordinary mother is one of the few reasons I can deal with my life when things get bad. There will always be the arguments about how late I can stay out, or what clothes I can wear, but even if my actions do not always show it, I still love my mother. She is a true hero who both inspires and amazes me, and my appreciation for her can only grow.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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