Father - Michael C. MAG

By Beau C., Shreveport, LA

     My dad is my hero because he is brave,skilled, and respectful. I know many say their dads are their heroes,but my dad teaches me about becoming a man, which is important for ayoung boy growing up. He teaches me right from wrong and to berespectful of others. He is the hero I hope to be to someone someday.

Respect goes a long way with my dad, as does patience. As anelectrician, my dad must deal with people every day, some of whom arenice and some who are not. Either way, he keeps his well-manneredattitude. He’s teaching me a lot, and I hope one day to take overthe family business.

Dad is not afraid of many things, or if heis, he doesn’t tell me because he wants to seem tough. He may notbe a big guy but since he works with his hands all day, he is verystrong. Dad works outdoors in all kinds of conditions but the worstthing he has to do is crawl up in a hot attic in the middle of thesummer. Trust me, this is the hottest place you will experience as anelectrician and when you come back down, all the insulation is in yourlungs and you cough for hours.

My dad and I have a very goodrelationship. We talk about almost everything. We go hunting, fishing,and everything a dad and son would do. My dad and I enjoy hunting themost because it gives us time outdoors together and there is nothinglike that. He has shown and taught me everything I need to know aboutnature.

I am proud to be the son of Mike C., and would nothave it any other way. People come up to me all the time to tell me Ihave a good dad and should be proud. It makes me feel good that a lot ofpeople think so highly of him. He is a good teacher of life and would doanything for me. This is why my father is my hero.

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i love this so much!

thegoatman said...
on Oct. 10 2017 at 10:38 am
thegoatman, Richmond, Virginia
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i like your book


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