My Hero

September 25, 2012
By spenserpaden BRONZE, Winder, Georgia
spenserpaden BRONZE, Winder, Georgia
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Do you have a favorite superhero? Like Superman? Batman? Maybe even The Hulk? Mine happens to be my 22 year old brother, Noah. We're not actually blood related, but he's adopted me as his sister, as well as I look at him like he's my brother. He's not a normal superhero though, with the cape and powers, he wears an army uniform and fights for our freedom. I remember the day he got the phone call like it was yesterday. I was laying on the floor when my brother, Noah, came over to see me and my mom. I had just made a bowl of apple jacks and was eating them when he got a phone call. All you could hear was him saying "Yes, sir" "Okay" and then an excited "Sounds good". When he got off the phone he told us that he was being asked to deploy with the 201st to Afghanistan. I didn't know what to do so I just got up and ran to my room and cried. I was 14 years old at the time and had never dealt with this before. After he left, my mom came to talk to me in my room and I couldn't stop crying. I didn't want him to leave. My mom told me that he wanted to go, and there was nothing I could say or do. It was his choice. So, I just decided to spend as much time with him as I could. Time went by and we hung out as much as we could, but before he went we celebrated his 21st birthday. It was an awesome night with cake, family, and video games. We played the Wii like we always did, Just Dance was mine and Noah's game. We had already played all the songs on the game already but we were always so competitive with each other. By the end of the night, everybody had laughed, played, even cried because he was leaving. Except me. I don't like showing my feelings in front of my brother, so I never cry in front of him. I had laughed and played, but I wouldn't cry in front of him. After we had all said our goodbyes I had went into my room and listened to the song "Just A Dream" by Carrie Underwood over and over again. I was in tears by the 4th time of listening to it and went out to sit with my mom. When she asked me what was wrong I simply told her I was worried about him leaving and just wanted him to come home safe. When the time came for him to leave in January we were all sad to say bye. When I talked to him before he left he was in a hotel at Augusta where the bus would take him to the airport the next morning. It was around 12:00 at night when I was talking to him on FaceBook and me, my mom, and Drew Wexel decided to take a road trip down to Augusta to say bye one last time before he left. This was the first time I had cried in front of Noah, he wrapped me in his arms and kissed my forehead and promised me he would come home safe and in one piece. I just wrapped my arms around him, buried my face in his chest, and cried. We all exchanged hugs, byes, and "I love you"s til we finally left. The next day around dinner time he had sent me and my mom both text messages when he was on the bus telling us to be safe and he loved us. Months had passed and the only communication we had was through FaceBook and Skype. When it came time for his 2 week leave we were really excited to see him til he had to leave again. When he was over in Afghanistan we had all decided on him moving in the basement of our house. When it came close to the time of him coming home he had ordered all his furniture for downstairs. Over Spring Break when it arrived we were so excited, because we knew we would get to see him soon. We put all his furniture together and sent him pictures of it and talked to him through FaceBook as much as we could. When it came the day of him coming home my mom woke me up early and I made 2 posters that said "Welcome Home Noah" in red, white, and blue and hung them on either side of the mailbox and got red, white, and blue balloons. Many hours had passed. My mom had dinner made, his bed was made, and we were sitting on the porch waiting when we saw a black truck pull in the driveway. Me and my mom both took off running off the porch and ran to the drivers door of the truck and when he got out a smile grew on all of our faces, including his. My mom hugged him and when she was done, he opened up his arms as I jumped onto him. It was the perfect moment. Seeing his face, smelling him, being able to touch him, everything. It's good to see him over Skype, but in person is much better. We all helped him get his stuff downstairs and I just kept hugging him. Everything was finally right, everything was going good. He was safe at home and in one piece like he promised, and everybody was happy. It's been 4 months since he's been home and he's going back in January. From the end of November to February we won't see him because he will be getting ready to go. Me and him have already talked about this, and how I still don't want him going, but he promised me, again, that he would be safe. I now understand why he wants to go, it's what he was born to do and I know that he's a strong man. I may not like the idea of him going, but I understand and respect that he wants to fight for our freedom. Everyone has their favorite superhero, mine is my brother, and he's not just a superhero when someone calls, he's a superhero everyday.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a "Family Narrative" in my English class. I already knew that it's what I wanted to write about because this was a big part of my life, and it changed me a lot. My brother means a lot to me, and he doesn't really believe he's a hero, but he's my hero.

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