My Father's Journey

June 12, 2012
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A hero is a person that inspires you or makes you want to be him or her when you grow up. My father is my hero.
My father was born in Laos in 1972. His family had a lot of hardships at the time. For example they couldn’t have enough money for food. For them to be able to survive they would have to work in a big farm land. My dad and his parents would have to wake up early in the morning to go farming and they will work until noon. While my dad is still little he would make slingshot for him to have for fun.
As my father got older, he would go out into the jungle and go hunting for animals. As my dad goes hunting into the jungle he would go into the jungle for a long time until he couldn’t find any animal to kill then he would return home. My father would carry a small hmong knife with him in case there is danger near him. My dad would go out into the village and talk to other girls about how they could be a good house wife for him because his father told him to find a good daughter-in-law. My dad’s parents want a daughter-in-law that could cook and clean right. If my dad couldn’t find himself a wife then his parents would have to find one for him. My dad had gone through a lot.
As my dad gets a bit older in his life, they went through a dangerous journey. My dad and his family were chased by communist and the communist destroyed their home and land. My dad and his family would have to run away from the communist and if they don’t run away the communist would kill them. My dad had a lot of courage to be running away from the communist. This was my father’s biggest challenge in his whole life. My dad had run through jungles, fields, and forests to escape from the communist. When it comes to crossing the river they would have to build a raft out of wood really quick before they come or they could borrow the other people’s boat or raft. My dad and his family would have to carry only important things with them. They would have to leave the less important things to them.
When they got away from the communist, they came to the United States. My dad and his family got to the US because he had some relatives that came to the US before they did. When they got to the US they went to Fresno, CA. they went there because my dad’s cousin were there and it was the only relatives they know that was in Fresno. Now that father had been in America for couples of years now, he knows a little English and had a job at a company. Now my dad is enjoying life a lot better than before unlike when he was back in Laos.
In conclusion my dad had gone through a lot of trouble to get where he is right now. This is the reasons why I picked my dad as my hero. My dad will always be my hero.

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