The Black Knight

June 12, 2012
By vTec_TerryS BRONZE, Sacramento, California
vTec_TerryS BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Nelson Mandela is a criminal, he breaks all the rules, but he is a strong freedom fighter fighting for his fellow African rights. Nelson Mandela was born and raised in a rural area. He joined the ANC and then he went to jail for fighting for the ANC. There later on he got out of prison then he was elected for president. He changed Africa for going through hell for Africans.
Mandela was hero in his childhood because he could overcome his life. Nelson Mandela was born in a rural area in July 18, 1918. Nelson Mandela name was forced to change during school. His original name was Rohiahla and he changed his name to Nelson. Mandela father died when he was 9 years old. He was tougher than ever because of his father’s death. He was the only out of four children. Then in 1948 he joined the ANC.
The African National Congress (ANC) was made in 1912 to make the black African living conditions better. Mandela started to go the ANC meeting. Mandela soon joined the ANC and he felt that he was a loyal member of the ANC, guerilla warfare, terrorism, and revolution. They chose sabotage so that they won’t lose their lives. Then in 1962 Mandela was charged for sabotage and violent revolution. He went to trial and he was found guilty and was sent to Robben Island Prison,
Nelson Mandela’s life in prison was hard. He was sentenced 5 years in prison but he was released 30 years later. He spent in prison for 27 years in a maximum security prison his cell size was 7x7.Since Mandela was in prison for 30 years he helped many other prisoners learn how to survive prison and encouraged them to get education in prison. Nelson Mandela was release from prison on Sunday February 11, 1990.
Soon in 1994 Mandela was elected as president of South Africa. After being released he took a tour to the world. Millions looked up to Mandela as a freedom fighter. Mandela was successful in his life.

The author's comments:
Nelson Mandela was a awsome hero he did alot for what people diserved. This can encourage other people to get to there goals.

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