Mandela: A Hero to All

June 8, 2012
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Have you ever had someone stand up for you at any time in your life? After that day, didn’t you want to make a change, and help people who really needed it, their voices were so low that you passed those people without knowing them? Mandela is that person who helps those people whose voices are so low that you don’t even pay attention to them. People look up to him as a person who can help them and treat them like equals; some one that people look at as a hero. A hero keeps you safe at night, helps you when you need it, and gets ride of bad people and bad things. Mandela was a freedom fighter was born in 1918. He is from the rural region Transkei. He fought for the ANC. He went to prison. When he got out of prison he became the president. Mandela became a hero to everyone because he did not like how his people were being treated. He stood up for them, and that’s why he is my hero, the one person I respect the most in the whole entire world.

Mandela was strong in his childhood. For example during, Mandela’s childhood he had to deal with his father death when he was 9 years old. It was hard for him at first because, he went to live with his uncle after his dad died. When he lived with his mom and dad they lived in a village, his dad was a chief. Before his dad passed away he told Nelson uncle, that he wanted Nelson to have a good education. That’s why he wanted Nelson to live with his uncle. I think if Nelson’s dad had not passed away then Nelson would had never been known worldwide. There is a moment when Nelson had to leave his home because he didn’t want to get married. He left for the city where he sees apartheid for the first time, which leads him to the ANC.

Mandela took a lot of risk so he could help the ANC (African National Congress). From Pebble Creek labs, the author states “In 1962 Mandela was captured and sentences to 5 years in prison.” He fought against apartheid, and he fought for black Africans rights, just like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did in the USA. They both wanted black people to be treated equally. Apartheid, a law segregating blacks and whites in South Africa, kept black people away from white people. I think he is a risk taker because he went to prison for life. He took the risk because he wanted black Africans to be free. He wanted them to be able to walk down the streets without being stop for not having a pass. For Mandela, helping the ANC and taking risks caused him to go to prison.

Mandela had to be calm and smart in prison. From Pebble Creek Labs the author states “ In October 1963, Mandela was charged with sabotage. This new charge came after he had already been charged , and sentences to 5 years in prison.” Mandela had a 7 by 7 cell in prison, and he had to break lime stone. When he was in prison, he fought for black African rights there. He made complaints about them wearing shorts, shirts and sandals year around because it was so cold. He was their leader, and he helped them. Mandela told the guards that “they will only do what they can, not what you want them to do.” I think being calm and smart allowed him to survive in prison. He was a person who could talk to you and you would end up helping him or giving him what he needs.

During Mandela presidency he was focused on helping black Africans. From Pebble Creek Labs, the author states “Mandela gave a free sandwich to the kids that went to school”. When he was released he wanted to help black Africans learn and become educated. He gave them homes, jobs, food. He won the Nobel Prize in 1994. In 1995 he became the first black president in South Africa. I think he is very smart. He helps thousands of poor Africans every day. Everybody in South Africa looks up to Mandela as a hero like I do.

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