May 10, 2012
By Anonymous

After a long and hard day at work one may be inclined to say he or she has had a crappy day; I on the other hand always have a crappy day at work. Not because every possible thing has gone wrong or because my boss was a complete pain, but because I work with dogs and picking up after them comes with the territory. Scooping poop and mopping up pee is certainly not glamorous, but such a “down and dirty” job has taught me to appreciate hard work, dedication and of course the much needed kisses from man’s best friend at the end of the day.

Aside from the great workout I get from moving mops and holding down the frantic dogs that love thrashing about, working at a dog kennel has shown me the importance of working for something and the joy that comes along with opening a paycheck with my name on it. I owe a lot of my appreciation and new found way of looking at the world to Sabina, my manager. Not only does Sabina have an amazing work ethic, the shop is always immaculate when she is around, but she is also the strongest woman I know. After twenty years of marriage and four kids she is now going through divorce because her husband cheated on her, her house is being foreclosed on, she works three jobs, and yet she still finds a way to always smile and thank God for all the blessings she has been given. She is selfless and saves all her would be retirement money for her children’s college funds so that their lives will be easier. Sabina doesn’t know where she will be in a month much less five years but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying what she has and the people that love her. Bystanders may look at her and call her a failure, but to me she is an inspiration. She is the perfect example of someone who makes the best of what she has rather than getting bogged down on materialistic things that mean nothing. A new fancy car, brand name clothing and all the money in the world cannot make one happy; it is the memories and the people behind ones treasures that give life its real worth.

After going in for an invasive surgery, Sabina was back at work in two days even though she was in excruciating pain because that is what needed to be done and she had made a commitment. Her perseverance has taught me that I too can get through anything I set my mind to and the importance of always honoring an obligation. Times may become tough and I may want to do nothing but give up but then I think about Sabina and she gives me hope and the strength to push through it. I am one of the lucky ones. I live in a nice house with both my parents, I have incredible friends that love me, I go to a nice school with good teachers and am blessed with a job I love at a time when finding a job has become a downright grueling task. Two months ago all this would not have been enough but now I understand how wonderful an blessed my life truly is.

I cannot help but believe everything happens for a reason. I met Sabina because her strength is what I needed to find myself when I was lost. I once lived in the “what if” rather than the “what is” but Sabina has opened my eyes to the beauty of actually living life and I am never going to just wonder on that lonely and wanting path again. Life isn’t short as long as it is filled with memories and kindness worth remembering even after death. When I look back on my life I want to see laughter and love that overpowers the strife. I may not be the next President of the United States or the CFO of a fortune 500 company, but as long as I know I am doing the absolute best in the job I have and experiencing the wonders of life with the ones I love an who love me that is far more than enough.

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