My Hero

June 6, 2012
By MimiH SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
MimiH SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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All 5 feet 10 inches of my mother is jumping up and down on the bleachers. Her hands are moving frantically as she screams as loud as she possibly can “get him Ernie. Get him!” We’re standing in the bleachers at Titan stadium, watching my brother play football as a high school student for the last time. When I think of my mother this image pops into my head. My mom is supportive, caring, and fun to hang out with.

My mom has always supported me with whatever I wanted to do. When I wanted to be president she said go for it. When I wanted to play basketball she came to every game and cheered me on. I remember my first basketball game. The gym was freezing and I was so nervous my stomach was doing flips. Right before the game started our coaches talked to us. In the middle of their speech you could hear the clicking of a camera. We all turned around and looked, after my coaches’ noticed the flashes. There was my mom, taking a bazillion photos of me. I was so embarrassed by this. Now when I look back at this memory I don’t know why I was embarrassed. I should have been proud that my mom cared enough to show that she supported me by taking pictures.
My mom has always been caring towards my siblings and I. Sometimes it’s hard to notice because she shows that she cares in little ways like packing my lunch for school, or when she does my laundry. Occasionally I misinterpret the caring things she does. When my mom doesn’t let me hang out with certain people because of the kind of person they are shows that she cares because she’s looking out for me. Usually I think she does that to be mean. Afterwards I notice how they act and see that she was right. We fight a lot about what I can wear and how late I can stay out but she does this to look out for me. I don’t say it enough but I’m thankful she does these things. It may anger me sometimes but her intentions are always good.

Even though we fight a lot and disagree on things my mom is really fun to be around. She is always trying to find fun things to do. For my 14th birthday my mom took my sister and I to the Mall of America in Minnesota. We had so much fun going shopping and going out to eat together. Shopping isn’t really my mom’s favorite thing to do especially with me because I take a long time to pick something out. Even though she doesn’t really enjoy shopping she took my sister and I there because it was something we liked to do. Shopping with her was really fun and she helped me pick out some great outfits. When we went to Shedd Aquarium I think my mom would have preferred to go alone because my brother and I fight a lot. Even though my brother and I fight, she took us with her and made sure we had a fun time.

When I think about my mom I will always remember her cheering on my brother at that football game. She didn’t care what people thought, she was only thinking about him. My mom doesn’t save the world, she does something much harder. She takes care of her family and for that she is my hero; she is supportive, caring and fun to hang out with.

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