My Hero

May 31, 2012
By Anonymous

There are many people in my life who I can consider my heroes, but there is one person in my life that has influenced me and made me a better person in the process. The person who has had the biggest impact and who has been the most influential in my life is my mother, Julie Ann Foreman. She possessed many heroic qualities that inspired me to become a better person and inspired me to be a better student. Also she made me want to grow up and be successful and help our society and our world. She taught me that I should always be as nice as possible and that I always need to be strong and stick up for what is right. My mother had many qualities that made her a hero. She was very mentally strong, she had many difficult things to deal with and she had many burdens on her shoulders. Another important heroic quality she possessed was the fact that she was so loving, nurturing, and caring. She cared for everyone around her and always put other people first. She tried her hardest to help me when I was either feeling down, in pain, or sick. She would always make me laugh when I was feeling sad, she would let me squeeze her hands when I was in pain, and she would give me great advice when I needed it. My mother came from a military family and her parents were very strict. Since she was in a military family they moved around a lot she had to adjust which may be a reason why she was strong. Also she was pretty independent, she moved out when she was 17 and worked hard to live and stay healthy. Also she had many personal issues she had to overcome to become the great mother she was. I was affected in many ways by my mother. She made me the person I am today. She gave me my chance at life and she wanted me to try my hardest in everything I do and never give up. She wanted me to dream big and achieve that dream with hard work and dedication and I’ve made a promise to her that I will always try my hardest to reach my goals and dreams. She wanted me to become a success and I know I will become a success because of all of the support she gave me. My mother taught me to always be nice to people around me and taught me that everyone deserves a second chance. She was the best mother a son could ask for I will always love here and I will always remember her.

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