Twin Towers

May 29, 2012
By swimmer07 BRONZE, Claremont, New Hampshire
swimmer07 BRONZE, Claremont, New Hampshire
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On that horrible day when thousands of lives were lost. All you could see, hear, and imagine was people praying, arguing, with each other, screaming, crying, watching the planes curve into the buildings, trying to call there loved ones. If you were not near the towers you saw lots of fire trucks and police cars or if you were watching TV the reporters said, “ In New York the Twin Towers are under attack” If your loved one was in one of those towers you drove as fast as you can to get to the sight.

If you got there early enough you saw people frantically running out of the buildings, one of the towers crumbled down then smoke! After a couple of hours later the 2nd tower crumbled then more smoke! Then you realize its all over. The next thing that comes to your mind is, “Is anybody alive?” You quickly go and help and see if anyone is alive. You see not a lot of people survived. The ones that did survive have a whole bunch of injures like cuts everywhere, fractures of a bone or a sprang and something over there noses to protect the bad harmful smoke.

After everything is mostly picked up from the debris. You go home to be happy that your loved one was there with you, or you prayed to God to bless the ones that have lost their loved ones and the firefighters that they will be safe and have no health problems because of the smoke. Then after that stressful day you go to bed hoping that all of this was just a dream. But when you wake up the next morning the reporters said, “Yesterday in New York was attacked and we are presuming that a lot of people have died. Both towers are now in crumbles.” So now till this day lets remember the people that lost their lives on that tragic day. Also the firefighters that are alive now have lung cancer from the bad smoke on that day. So lets give them thanks on September 11.

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